Title Objective Number of Participants Approximate Duration Space Needed   
Get to know each other’s names and more about each other’s history/culture
Get to know more about each other; meet as many people as possible
Get know things you have in common with your classmates; meet a lot of different people
Get to know things you have in common with your classmates
Get to know more about each other
Get to know a little more about each other; work as a team
To talk with a number of classmates on a specific subject or question. It is a good way to talk about project ideas that students are thinking about.
Practice listening skills; allow the more quiet students to have a voice
Brainstorm ideas; create groups around shared interests
Surface students’ concerns; facilitate understanding that individual concerns are shared
Making your course content relevant for your students
Brainstorming and creativity around a subject; close looking
Trust building; leadership skills
Prioritizing tasks; working together
Looking after others; group problem solving