Objective: Get to know each other’s names and more about each other’s history/culture

# of participants: 20 or fewer per session. If there are over 20 students have 5-10 students share at the beginning of class, at the break, or at the end of class on different days.

Space: Ideally the group would stand in a circle but students could share from their seats or come up to the front of the room.

Estimated time: 1 minute per person

Description: every student will share their full name, what it means and how and why they were named in that way.

Facilitation script:

“We are going to share our names, what they mean and where we got them from. Feel free to share any nicknames or names from other cultures like Hebrew or Chinese names. I will start using myself as an example. My name is Daniel Lerner Langenthal. I was named Daniel after my grandmother Devora. D for Devora, D for Daniel. It is an eastern European Jewish tradition to be named after deceased relatives. Daniel means the judgment of god in Hebrew. Lerner is my dad’s biological name. His parents died during the great depression. Langenthal is my dad’s adoptive name. It means long valley in German. That took under 1 minute. Please share and keep it to under one minute.” You will model yourself after this example.


Did anyone learn anything new about another culture? Ask for examples.

Did anyone learn anything interesting about other members of the class that they know that they hadn’t heard before? Ask for examples.