Objective: Get to know more about each other; meet as many people as possible

# of participants: Unlimited

Space: Ideally a large open space but people can also navigate between chairs and desks

Estimated time: Less than 10 minutes, or based on the faculty member’s discretion  and student engagement in the activity

Props: Experiential Learning has decks of cards that you can borrow. Each deck has different levels of questions. Some are quick answers and some ask for longer more thoughtful answers


Give each student a card. Each card has a question on it. Invite someone to volunteer to model the activity. Introduce yourself to the volunteer. “Hi, I am Professor…, nice to meet you.” Have them introduce themselves to you. Ask them the question on your card. Have them answer the question. Then they will ask you their question and you will answer it. Switch cards. Then each of you will find someone else to introduce yourselves to. You will switch cards after every interaction. Challenge the students to meet as many people as possible in the time you allot for the activity.