Objective: Brainstorming and creativity around a subject; close looking

# of participants: 6 to unlimited

Space: Classroom

Estimated time: Minimum 30 minutes or based on the faculty member’s discretion and student engagement in the activity


Invite students to bring in an advertisement, video or a photograph that is sharing a message that connects to the reading/topic of that day’s discussion. Have students get in groups of 2-4 and share their images/videos with each other. Have their peers in each group speak on why they believe their classmate chose that image to share. When they have finished sharing handout large pieces of sticky paper to each group. Have each group create a message they would like to share about the topic they are working on in class. When they are finished have the students place their image on the walls around the room. Invite the students to do a “gallery walk” where they look at all of the images created by their peers. When they are done, gather the students around one image and ask the other students what they thought their classmates were trying to convey with their image. Then have the classmates who created the image respond to the comments and give their thoughts. Do this with each group if time allows.