Objective: Get to know more about each other

# of participants: Unlimited

Space: Ideally a large open space but people can also navigate between chairs and desks

Estimated time: 5 minutes


Tell the students that the class is going to form a human map of where they are from. Explain that you are standing where Brandeis (Waltham) would be on a map and everywhere in front of you is the direction south of Brandeis. Everywhere behind you is the direction north of Brandeis. Everyone who is standing to your right should come from somewhere west of Brandeis and everyone to your left should be from a location east of Brandeis. Ask the students to place themselves on the map where they are from. Tell them to try to be as specific as possible. If there are 5 people from New York have them try to organize themselves by their location within the city. When everyone is where they want to be have them share their locations. Some students might consider themselves from different place, i.e. where they were born and then where they grew up. You could give the group the option to play the activity twice and change their location.