Objective: Prioritizing tasks; working together

# of participants: 10 to 20

Space: You need to be able to make a circle with the students

Estimated time: Minimum 30 minutes or based on the faculty member’s discretion and student engagement in the activity

Facilitation script:

“Please stand in a circle. I am going say my name and then ask a member of the group their name and then pass the ball to them. When you receive it please say your name and ask someone else in the group their name and pass them the ball. Then point to the person you passed the ball to. Only pass the ball to someone who does not have their finger pointed at someone. At the end, the ball should return to me. Let’s do that again in the same order. Let’s do that again but this time we will keep the ball going without stopping.”


  • When the first ball has gone around a second time add another ball. Keep adding balls to the game until it becomes disorganized (more than 4 balls dropped).
  • Stop the group and ask them if they want to try that again
  • Try again. Stop them again when it becomes disorganized.
  • Ask them how many balls they think they can juggle without dropping them
  • Ask them if they have a strategy for being successful in this activity
  • Experiential Learning has balls that you can borrow


  • What were the challenges of this activity?
  • What did you do well?
  • At Brandeis you will have many things to juggle. What are some of those things? Give examples
  • How might you manage juggling all of these activities, classes, family, etc.?