Objective: Get to know things you have in common with your classmates; meet a lot of different people

# of participants: Minimum 15 to unlimited

Space: An open space where students can move around

Estimated time: Minimum 10 minutes to explain and play or based on the faculty member’s discretion and student engagement in the activity

Facilitation script:

“We are going to get in groups by categories that we share in common with each other. For example, the first category is ‘number of siblings’. I have two siblings, plus me, makes 3 (raise your hand with 3 fingers showing). If you have no siblings you will be a one (raise your hand with 1 finger showing). We don’t want only children to be zeros! Please feel free to include anyone you call a sibling which may include half siblings, step siblings, adoptive siblings, etc. When I say GO, find your groups. You will need to call out loud and show fingers to find your group. When you find the members of your group introduce yourselves. Ready, GO!

When everyone is in their groups ask each group to enthusiastically share what category they are. Other categories you can use are favorite season, favorite food, favorite movie genre, major, minor, etc. Remember to encourage the students to call out loud so they can find their groups each round.

Play a few rounds and then ask the group if there are any categories that they would like to propose so they can get to know more about their classmates.