Objective: Trust building; leadership skills

# of participants: 4 to unlimited

Space: any space

Estimated time: Minimum 30 minutes or based on the faculty member’s discretion and student engagement in the activity


Ask the students to find someone they have talked with the least this semester. Handout one bandana to each pair (EL has plenty of bandanas). Explain that the sighted person is going to lead their blindfolded partner around the space for 3-5 minutes. They can decide on whatever way they think works best for leading. They can make it as challenging as they would like. Make sure people don’t stray too far away. After 3-5 minutes have the pairs come back to you. Ask them to take off their blindfolds and have a discussion with their partner about what worked and what they would do differently. Then have them switch roles. Have them walk around for  3-5 minutes. Have them come back and make a circle.


  • What was it like to be blindfolded? Was it easy or challenging? Did you feel safe or nervous?
  • What was it like to be the guide? What was challenging?
  • Were you more nervous being blindfolded or guiding? Why?
  • What information did you share with each other in between rounds?
  • Did you implement anything new?
  • Did anyone tell their guides how they preferred to be guided?
  • Did anyone ask their blindfolded pair how they wanted to be guided?
  • What does this say about leadership and working with other people?
  • How could you see this as important to being a student in this program?