Objective: Looking after others; group problem solving

# of participants: 10 to 20

Space: Enough room to lay a rope on the ground in a circle. You can borrow a rope from Experiential Learning.

Estimated time: minimum 30 minutes or based on the faculty member’s discretion and student engagement in the activity

Facilitation Script:

“I invite you to stand in circle around the rope. When you are ready to take on this challenge, I invite you to step or jump into the circle. Your objective is to get out of the circle as fast as possible. There are 3 rules. First, you must go underneath the rope. Second, you may not touch the rope with your hands or arms (point from your shoulder to your finger tips). Third, the time starts when any part of your body breaks the plain of the rope underneath the circle. READY GO!


  • Have a stopwatch ready and time them. Let them know how long it took them. Also notify them if they used their arms.
  • Ask them if they can do it faster
  • Time them again
  • Ask them if they can do it faster
  • If they are struggling, ask them what else they could do to get a faster time
  • If they get to a point where they still are taking 10 seconds to accomplish their objective and don’t want to keep playing explain to them that you have seen groups do it in 5 seconds or less.


What happened? I invited you into the circle and gave you an objective and rules. What were they? You did a first round. How long did it take? What happened? Just the facts. You did a second round. How long did it take? What happened? Keep staying with what happened until they got their fastest time. Stay with the details. Then talk about “so what?”. What does this mean? What did they learn/understand from this experience? Then you can ask them how what they are talking about can apply to being successful in this course.