Objective: To talk with a number of classmates on a specific subject or question. It is a good way to talk about project ideas that students are thinking about.

# of participants: Minimum 6 students to unlimited

Space: A space where you can create a circle with the group. If it is tight, that is okay because half the group will step into the circle when the activity begins

Estimated time: Minimum 10 minutes or based on the faculty member’s discretion and student engagement in the activity


Have the students stand in a circle. Ask the students to go around the circle counting off 1 then 2, then 1 and so forth so everyone has one of those numbers. Have the 1s introduce themselves to the 2s to the 1s’ left. Then have those same 1s step into the circle and face their 2. If there is an uneven # of students you can ask a TA to join or you can join in the activity. Give the students a question or a prompt to discuss. When both students are finished discussing the question or prompt have them raise their hands. Then have the students in the inner circle say goodbye to their partner and move three students to the right. Then have them introduce themselves to the new student standing in front of them. Give the students the same question or prompt or different one. Go through this process 2-4 times depending on time and questions. You can alternate which circle moves and how many spots to maximize the number of partners they meet.